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We believe in working together to create more positive outcomes. By accessing valuable data and care when it’s needed, you can be sure your clients’ needs are met, while organizations can feel good about taking care of their team.

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Provide your clients with comprehensive employee benefits that support their people and deliver results.

  • High quality service and rapid response times
  • One-stop shop for a variety of integrated health and wellness benefits
  • Competitive pricing and customizable packages

Employee & Family Assistance Program

How can employers keep valued staff healthy, boost their resilience, and improve organizational performance through a productive and happy workforce? CloudMD’s robust Employee & Family Assistance (EAP/EFAP) Program can help them achieve it all.

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Mental Health Solutions

500,000 Canadians miss work weekly due to mental health challenges. Many of their conditions are not treated by traditional EFAPs. CloudMD provides a stepped-care approach to mental health that covers everything from prevention and mental fitness to the treatment of chronic mental health conditions.

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Nearly two in five Canadians say they have faced barriers to accessing medical care. With Kii’s Telemedicine support, organizations can provide  access to medical care that is simple, fast, easy and most importantly, effective. With no travel time or time wasted in a waiting room, Kii’s Telemedicine can help reduce absenteeism, which is a growing problem for employers.

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Occupational Health, Assessments, Disability Management and More.

We have a variety of other health and  wellness services available to your clients including:

  • Healthcare Navigation
  • Assessment Services
  • Workers Compensation
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Disability Management
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With you every step of the way

From sales material, presentations, to launch project management, our team will ensure you are set up for success.

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Very friendly, informative, and professional staff in all aspects of the program.
Due to confidentiality we keep all our testimonials anonymous.
After months of procrastination, my eldest daughter convinced me to have a nasty mole on my back examined.I had been to my family. I played phone tag with my Physician’s office to get an appointment, so I decided to try my virtual healthcare provider CloudMD. I got a virtual consultation two hours later, the mole was viewed by the online physician using my cellphone, two days later I met a dermatologist who removed the mole. My personal experience with virtual healthcare was not only gratifying, it may have been life saving.
Due to confidentiality we keep all our testimonials anonymous.
My coach was amazing. She helped me to overcome HUGE obstacles. I absolutely would not be where I am today without her guidance. Thank you so much. This was a life changing experience for me.
Due to confidentiality we keep all our testimonials anonymous.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Guided iCBT. The therapist that was assigned to me was amazing, very knowledgeable and very supportive. The ability to work on this on my own time is the most beneficial aspect of this program. Responses back were quick. I worked with Christine on CBT, the modules were easy to follow and allowed me to be in control of my own learning experiences. Having the ability to go back to previous modules was very helpful.
Due to confidentiality we keep all our testimonials anonymous.
This was an invaluable support for me during a critical time in my life. I was feeling depressed, anxious and very stressed with the negativity/media overload/isolation of the pandemic. Guided iCBT enabled me to become stronger within my thoughts/habits to become healthier and more equipped to face each new (and ongoing ) challenge(s). It provided me with functional “tools” to help me on a daily basis and  reassured me that I was not alone.
Due to confidentiality we keep all our testimonials anonymous.
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