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We are on a mission to transform the healthcare industry and provide greater access to patients everywhere.

Revolutionizing healthcare for decades. Experience you can trust.

CloudMD has brought together industry leaders with extensive experience across mental health, medical care and occupational health and safety and combined them into one seamless and connected experience, Kii.

  • Delivering EFAP for over 43 years
  • 60,000+ TAiCBT clients treated
  • Psychologist residency program & PhDs in Clinical Psychology
  • Thousands of telemedicine appointments
  • Directory of 17,000+ medical specialists
  • 10+ years of healthcare system navigation experience
  • Award-winning health education platform with trusted resources from over 100+ health associations & the Mayo Clinic
  • Supporting 6000+ disability cases every year
  • Deliver 300,000+ assessments and evaluations annually

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With over 100 years of combined healthcare, technology, and benefits experience, CloudMD is led by a team that  recognizes the pain points experienced in our fractured medical system. We are dedicated to providing better access to care and being the catalyst for improved outcomes.

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We work together to empower individuals to lead healthier lives by revolutionizing  the availability, access, and delivery of mental, physical, and occupational health care.

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