Keeping Your Workplace And Your Workers Safe.

Occupational Health & Safety

You have a duty to ensure every person you employ is protected while they are working. Employers and workers have legal roles and responsibilities under a number of different pieces of legislation, including the Provincial Occupational Health & Safety Acts, and for some workplaces, the Canada Labour Code.

CloudMD can help to ensure you not only meet standards but that you create a safe environment where employees can thrive.

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The Expertise You Need To Manage Your Risk.

We provide medical and legal expertise to support employers in the management of occupational health and safety risks. In addition, preventing the spread of infectious diseases in the workplace has added a new responsibility for employers. 

We go over and beyond to make sure you are mitigating risk. Our program updates over time as risk changes.

  • Nurse On Call & Telephonic Nurse Support
  • Nurse Onsite
  • Workplace Health Surveillance
  • Mobile Drug and Substance response
  • Onsite Health Clinics and Injury Prevention Program
  • Ergonomics and Virtual Work-at-Home Ergonomics
  • COVID, Cold and Flu Medical Management
  • Health surveillance

Nurse on Call & Telephonic Nurse Support

If someone is a high risk, then a nurse can get on the phone and better understand the risk. And clear them to go to the workplace.

Onsite Nurses and Physicians

Can provide nurses and physicians who can be accessed at your office, our office or a joint office.

Workplace Health Surveillance

Keep workers healthy and ensure that you are meeting health and safety standards. The emphasis is on prevention: it is designed to detect potential workplace hazards before irreversible health effects can occur.

Mobile Drug and Substance Response

Episodic and Annual testing annually to ensure that chemical exposures in manufacturing settings are under the threshold.

Onsite Health Clinics and Injury Prevention Programs

Onsite health clinics help to prevent absences due to illness or injury.

Ergonomics and Virtual Work-at-Home Ergonomics

Stop a condition from progressing and if it does progress we help to get you better and back to regular duty sooner.

COVID, Cold and Flu Medical Management

  • Screening based on current public health guidelines
  • Contract tracing to understand who had contact – guidance to the employer on what to do.
  • Covid testing and vaccines
  • Flu vaccine clinics

Health Surveillance

  • Regular onsite health clinics
  • Proactive disease prevention programs

The Kii Difference

20+ Years of

A combination of experience and custom tools provide a leading edge in integration, reporting and tracking.

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