A Better Experience for Organizations

If managing your workplace Health & Wellness program is causing you stress, then it’s clearly not working for you. With the Kii Connected Care Program, we take all the work off your plate and help HR and Health & Safety teams succeed.

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One Unified Plan. One Unified Provider.

One coordinated plan for a happier, healthier & safer workforce

Instead of managing multiple vendors, you can access mental health, physical health, occupational health and absence management services all from one connected and coordinated program.

Customized plan to your needs and optimize benefits spend

Kii is flexible and customizable, coordinating paramedical benefits with the public healthcare system to optimize your budget and give you the best return on your health benefits investment.

Stress-free onboarding & program administration

Onboarding specialists ensure a simple, efficient and tailored implementation with a dedicated account manager for ongoing support and quarterly outcome reviews.

Ongoing employee engagement campaigns

Monthly wellness webinars, newsletters and training workshops help drive employee engagement in a turn-key “no extra work” way.

Integrated, comprehensive reporting & insights

A commitment to data collection provides integrated reporting on employee satisfaction, clinical outcomes (eg. symptom reduction) and business ROI such as increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.

A better organizational experience

With higher employee productivity, lower absenteeism and reduced disability costs, you’ll increase your ability to attract and retain talent while creating less stress for HR and Health & Safety teams.

Our Better Organizational Experience Results in:

disability costs


Higher employee

Less stress
for HR

We support millions of Canadians across 7,200 organizations.

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