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When it comes to our health, it can take a lot of courage to reach out for help. It’s our job to make the rest easy. Kii is designed with a focus on removing the traditional barriers employees face when seeking care. Ensuring that our services not only meet their needs but also their personal preferences and lifestyle.

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One personalized and connected program

Employee mental health, physical health and workplace safety are all linked, yet traditionally employees have had to deal with separate services to find support in these areas. Kii is the one stop for help in all these areas which makes things much easier for employees.

Nurse eliminates confusion and frustration

We can’t expect employees to know what services are best suited for them. With Kii, every member is connected with a dedicated nurse care coordinator who is a highly-trained resource to help them navigate care, build personalized care plans and check-in on progress.

Faster access to quality care

We’ve heard complaints from employees having to wait up to 30 minutes when contacting the call center with other providers. With Kii, employees talk to a nurse within minutes via phone or web. They can see a therapist within 1 – 5 days and start digital programs right away.

Choice in how care is accessed

Kii provides the widest choice in access and delivery with in-person or virtual, phone or web chat, synchronous or asynchronous, immediately or set an appointment. We let employees choose how they want to receive care.

Feel better, sooner

Kii services are evidence-based and have demonstrated positive outcomes. With less wait times, the time to care is faster so that symptoms don’t worsen. Our nurse navigators routinely check-in on progress to ensure adherence to care plans and that employees are recovering.

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Wellness Program?
Public Health System?
Paramedical Benefits?
Mental Health Program?

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I am here to support you and recommend the best services for your situation.
My coach was amazing. She helped me to overcome HUGE obstacles. I absolutely would not be where I am today without her guidance. Thank you so much. This was a life changing experience for me.
Due to confidentiality we keep all our testimonials anonymous.
After months of procrastination, my eldest daughter convinced me to have a nasty mole on my back examined.I had been to my family. I played phone tag with my Physician’s office to get an appointment, so I decided to try my virtual healthcare provider CloudMD. I got a virtual consultation two hours later, the mole was viewed by the online physician using my cellphone, two days later I met a dermatologist who removed the mole. My personal experience with virtual healthcare was not only gratifying, it may have been life saving.
Due to confidentiality we keep all our testimonials anonymous.
Being able to talk to a nurse who could understand my issues right away and help me understand what options were available to me was so helpful and brought my stress levels down immediately.
Due to confidentiality we keep all our testimonials anonymous.
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