Helping Patients Access Optimal and Timely Specialist Care.

Medical Specialist Connect

Navigating the Canadian healthcare system was challenging before COVID-19, and wait times are expected to increase by another 2 years – making it more difficult than ever. Long healthcare waits result in $2.1 billion in lost wages annually.

Kii’s Medical Specialist Connect helps employees get the most from the Canadian public healthcare system by accessing the necessary and ideal elements and providers of care.

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When Your Employees Seek Healthcare, We Lead The Way

Our solution ensures timely access to care and treatment. Employees are provided with a more accurate diagnosis and shortened recovery time.

  • Navigating to optimal and timely specialist treatment
  • Reducing wait times and mitigating delays
  • Earlier access to treatment
  • Earlier recovery and reduced length of medical-related absence

Access to treatment 248 days sooner

Our healthcare navigation leverages a database of 17,000 publicly available specialists to reduce patient wait times, enabling patient referrals to qualified specialists in the shortest available time.

The Kii Difference

Empowering Employees

We ensure employees feel supported with their own care plan throughout their journey while also effectively reducing healthcare wait times.

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Employees access treatment
248 days sooner (on average)


reduction in benefit and
disability costs


Return on your investment
Not only did Healthcare Navigation save us over 13% in absenteeism-related costs, but employee morale and productivity have improved.
Due to confidentiality we keep all our testimonials anonymous.
I am so thankful to Healthcare Navigation… because of you I am able to look forward to another Christmas playing with my grandchildren.
Due to confidentiality we keep all our testimonials anonymous.
After waiting 6 months to see a specialist only to find out he didn’t treat my condition, they found me a leading specialist who saw me in just 3 weeks, and performed my surgery only 4 weeks later.
Due to confidentiality we keep all our testimonials anonymous.
Every orthopedic surgeon I spoke with told me my only option was a hip replacement, which meant I needed to wait until I could no longer walk. CloudMD helped me find a leading surgeon in hip resurfacing procedures, and got me my life back.
Due to confidentiality we keep all our testimonials anonymous.
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