Unlocking the Potential of Employer-Provided Health Benefits

White Paper/Research Report

Employers recognize that keeping employees healthy and happy by providing health benefits and wellness programs plays a critical role in organizational success, and over $40 billion dollars of health benefits are offered through employers in Canada. Yet a recent Gallup Poll based on a random sample of employees, found fewer than one in four employees felt strongly that their organization cared about their wellbeing—the lowest percentage in nearly a decade. So, why is there a disconnect?

We surveyed full-time employed Canadians who have such benefits to figure out what types of benefits they have and why they are or are not using them.

CloudMD partnered with ANDX Research to conduct a nationwide survey of employees with health benefits to learn more about:

  • What health benefits they have
  • What benefits are they using and how frequently do they use them
  • Why they aren’t utilizing certain benefits
  • What it would take to get them to utilize the benefits more

The report also covers 8 key recommendations based on our findings.

About ANDX Research

ANDX has been supplying Customer Experience research, reporting, and consulting services for more than two decades working with some of the largest brands across an array of verticals in the US, Canada and around the globe. We have experience managing enterprise-wide Customer Experience programs, measuring multiple moments of truth across and several lines of business. ANDX provides a leading-edge Customer Feedback Management (CFM) platform that enables our customers to analyze results in real-time, together with an account team of industry professionals that become an extension of your team.

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