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You can’t manage what you don’t measure. With Kii, we provide you with the right data so that you can accurately demonstrate that your investment is making a difference to employee health and the bottom line.

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Utilization and Engagement Reporting

Demographics of users

Age, location, primary language, gender

Concerns Addressed

Primary reason for calls, concerns addressed in treatment

Platform & Service Utilization

Accounts Created, Monthly Usage. Usage per service type, Usage per modality (video, telephonic, messaging, in-person)

Employee Engagement

Platform engagement, webinar registration, wellness content engagement

Clinical Outcome

Symptom Reduction

Clients will be assessed at the start of treatment and regularly reassessed using scientifically validated screening tools for their specific area of concerns.

Clinically Significant Improvement

If a treatment is clinically significant, it has been determined that it is capable of bringing a client back to a relatively normal functioning, or at least a marked improvement.

Better Outcomes Initiative Reports & Webinars

Regular access to published studies of data across the entire member population and webinars with researchers to explain the results.

Business Outcome

Resiliency & Absence Prevention

Clients will receive a survey asking questions about resiliency (an indicator of risk of absence) at the start and end of services.


When appropriate we administer the Sheehan Disability scale to understand productivity improvement.

Return on Investment

Reductions in duration of disability claims, Readiness to RTW, Reduced absence.

Employee Satisfaction

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

After every interaction with one of our clinicians an employee will be given a satisfaction survey using standard NPS methodology via the platform or email.

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