Industry Leaders. Clinical Excellence. Best-In-Class Experience.

Our program brings together industry leaders with decades of experience,  innovative technology and clinical excellence into one seamless experience. Kii provides the most comprehensive set of connected health services with the best employee access, choice and experience.

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Combining The Best Services Into A One-Stop Shop.

Kii is focused on personalizing care by taking a whole-person approach with an emphasis on continuity of care across mental, physical and workplace safety.

  • EFAP & Mental Health+
  • Telemedicine, Vision Care & Healthcare Navigation
  • Occupational Health & Absence Management

Revolutionizing Healthcare For Decades.

CloudMD has brought together industry leaders with extensive experience across mental health, medical care and occupational health and safety and combined them into one seamless and connected experience, Kii.

  • Delivering EFAP for over 43 years
  • 60,000+ TAiCBT clients treated
  • Psychologist residency program & PhDs in Clinical Psychology
  • Thousands of telemedicine appointments
  • Directory of 17,000+ medical specialists
  • 10+ years of healthcare system navigation experience
  • Award-winning health education platform with trusted resources from over 100+ health associations & the Mayo Clinic
  • Supporting 6000+ disability cases every year
  • Deliver 300,000+ assessments and evaluations annually

We support millions of Canadians across 7,200 organizations.

We Are Focused On Clinical Excellence.

Comprehensive & Centralized

Comprehensive screening of all mental and physical care providers and a centralized onboarding process.

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1500+ Mental Health Professionals

Including Psychotherapists, Psychologists and Social Workers

3000+ Medical & Allied Health Professionals

Including 1400 + Doctors, Nurses and Nurse Practitioners and 1600+ Including diagnostic specialists, specialty health providers such as dietitians

600+ Rehabilitation Therapists

Including OTs, PTs and Ergonomic Specialists

The most comprehensive set of connected health services with the best employee access, choice and experience.

Header Cell 1: Comparable Traditional EFAPs Digital-first Platforms
Integrated and personalized digital platform experience (24/7 self serve)
Short-term issues-based counselling
Critical Incident Support
Healthcare System Navigation
Medical Second Opinion
Workers’ Compensation
Absence Management
Credible Medical Reference Library
Vision Care Products
24/7/365 phone contact centre
Highly-skilled nurse support throughout care journey

Your entire experience is supported by a nurse.

Looking after your health and wellness can be challenging. Knowing where to go and who to see can feel overwhelming. That’s why we have highly skilled nurses, to help you find your way.

Widest Choice

In-person or virtual, phone or web chat, synchronous or asynchronous, immediately or set an appointment. We let employees choose how they want to receive care.

Better Outcomes
and Insights

We are committed to data collection across all services to provide integrated reporting on satisfaction, business and clinical outcomes.

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