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Assessment Services

Employers often struggle with how to approach pre-employment testing, post-incident evaluations, and return-to-work strategies in their workplace. Not only does it cost money but it can be a daunting process that many would rather avoid. We provide medical assessments focused on prevention, accommodation and a clinically safe return to work.

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Evidence-Based Answers for Complex Medical Questions.

Kii Assessment Services provide prompt and accurate medical evidence that answers complex medical questions with expert care and professionalism.

Our team of leading physicians is ready and able to conduct fair, thorough assessments, evaluations and independent medical evaluations for a variety of employment-related reasons. 

  • Physical & Cognitive Job Demands Analysis
  • Functional Abilities Evaluations
  • On-site & Virtual Ergonomics
  • Independent Medical Evaluations
  • Fitness to Work
  • Vocational Services

Pre-Employment Assessments

Physical & Cognitive Job Demands Analysis

What does the job entail and what would an employee need to be capable of mentally and physically to be successful.

Functional Abilities Evaluations

Does a candidate have the ability to do the job based on the demands?

On the job Assessments

On-site & Virtual Ergonomics

Ensuring those that work on-site or at home are healthy and safe while performing their job.

Return to Work Assessments

Independent Medical Evaluations

Checking the action or course of treatment the employee’s doctor is recommending or to see if the injured worker’s recovery is on track.

Fitness to Work

Supporting an employee to return to work.

Vocational Services

Retraining employees to do a different job if their injury or issue prevents them to return to their previous job.

The Kii Difference

20+ Years of Experience

Over the years we have worked to bring the best solution to market, a combination of experience and a customized tool provide a leading edge in integration, reporting and tracking.

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