FYidoctors Client Spotlight – Meriya Dyble, VP People & Culture 

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CloudMD client, FYihealth group, is Canada’s leading diversified healthcare organization comprised of FYidoctors, Visique, BonLook, Grimard, Factory Optical and Optiks International. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, it has almost 400 clinics and store locations, providing exceptional eye care and eyewear services to patients and customers across Canada. The purpose of the organization is to Enhance Lives. At the core of FYihealth group’s approach is a robust coaching culture that emphasizes the vital role of leaders in helping individuals perform at their best. Genuine connections and a sense of community are nurtured through social initiatives and the Enhancing Life Foundation, where team members come together to give back and support the communities, they live in.

Understanding that team members cannot deliver on the company purpose if they aren’t feeling their best, FYihealth group has an overarching strategy to foster a supportive work environment. This includes investment in employee mental health support via easy-to-access tools and resources. This ensures that team members provide the organization’s clients and patients with the best care possible. A key part of this is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provided by Humanacare, a CloudMD company. Under this program, the organization offers employees and their families fully covered holistic care and services. This includes:

  • Short–term therapy/counseling
  • Trauma/crisis management and intervention services
  • Financial, legal, family and stress-related services
  • Health system navigation
  • Case management
  • Care coordination and concierge services for acute illnesses (expert advice on how to get the most out of the system)
  • Caregiving and care support for age-related illnesses with support for the entire family (such as elderly parents)
  • Care transitions (home to long-term care, hospital to community, etc.)
  • Community care and any related support

Employees can also opt in to receive monthly newsletters and participate in Ask an Expert webinars which cover various mental health and wellbeing topics.

FYIhealth group, Mission Square Clinic, Calgary

To select solutions to support mental health, FYihealth group prioritizes organizations sharing its people first philosophy. Partners are chosen based on aligned values, ensuring team members receive care from organizations genuinely dedicated to their wellbeing. Accessibility is another critical criterion, focusing on solutions that are readily available in the required language and with flexible access options for a busy, diverse team. The organization measures success holistically and looks at service utilization and feedback from team members, including considering if team members see it as a value add.

Meriya Dyble, VP People & Culture, FYIdoctors
Meriya Dyble, VP People & Culture, FYIdoctors

Speaking about the collaboration with CloudMD, Meriya Dyble, Vice President, People & Culture at FYihealth group, said the following: 

“We work with CloudMD in a couple of ways. As mentioned, we are partnered with HumanaCare (part of the CloudMD group of companies). After carefully evaluating available EAP solutions, we selected them as our EAP provider as they fit all our requirements for the breadth of offerings and easy access for our employees and their families. As an organization built to Enhance Lives, we especially liked the healthcare navigation option, which ensures that our employees can get assistance from an experienced nurse to determine the type of care they most need and are then directed to the appropriate resources for support for mental and physical health needsWe are also currently partnering with CloudMD to do an audit of our current mental health practices and solutions to determine what else might be considered a good addition to our support model.” 

Bram Lowsky, EVP, Health & Wellness Services, CloudMD, said, “CloudMD is proud to be selected by FYihealth group to support the mental health and wellbeing of their employees. Our selection by an organization with the high standards of FYihealth group is further validation of the strength of our mental health solutions. Furthermore, as an organization with the purpose of Empowering Healthier Living, this partnership aligns exceptionally well with CloudMD’s purpose. We are excited to partner with the FYihealth group team to identify additional CloudMD solutions to enhance the mental health support that they provide their valued team members.”      

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