New Customer Announcement: 9thCO

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9thCO is a digital marketing agency in Toronto that services clients all over the world. They are also one of the recent additions to the growing roster of CloudMD’s customers!

Ezra Silverton, their President of Operations mentions that the pandemic has caused a big change in their business including the shift from working in an open and collaborative office environment to working from home. This has prevented the leadership team from knowing what their staff are going through personally. As a result, they have chosen to be proactive and offer another mental health support mechanism to their staff through CloudMD.

CloudMD offers a large range of support for a variety of mental health issues from certified healthcare professionals. As a third-party, 9thCO staff can utilize this service completely confidentially. The online and remote tools also make it convenient for their staff to use on their own time and convenience.

Ezra states:

As adaptable as humans are, the pandemic caused a life changing shift.  We wanted to offer as much support as we could to our teammates.

If you’re looking for workplace support reach out for more information.