How TAiCBT Improves Return to Work (RTW) Outcomes

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Kii, by CloudMD provides a work-focused TAiCBT mental health intervention unique in its approach within disability management contexts. Mental health disorders are a leading cause of disability in Canada, and innovation is necessary to provide care for mental health issues that may lead or have led to disability leave.

As a fully digital experience, TAiCBT enables clients to overcome obstacles such as geography, availability and stigma. It provides a client with a single dedicated therapist that they can message at any time. There are no appointments. Made in Canada and available nationally, our program is cost-effective – reducing costs by 70 percent compared to traditional face-to-face treatment.

Kii brings together 4 critical success factors to improve Return to Work (RTW) outcomes.

1. TAiCBT as an early intervention

The skills learned through TAiCBT may help prevent an employee with mental health challenges who is at risk from taking disability leave, allowing them to stay at work and feel better.

Once an employee is on disability leave, digital therapy enables immediate treatment. It allows them to participate in treatment from wherever they are comfortable, and on their own time.

2. Assessing risk factors for prolonged disability

Our rigorous assessment includes questions focused on psychosocial risk factors for prolonged disability. This sets TAiCBT apart from typical psychotherapy providers.

3. TAiCBT focuses on improving function and RTW readiness

Instead of focusing only on symptom reduction TAiCBT therapy places emphasis on healthy behaviours related to work before the client’s eventual return. Helping the client recognize that work is an important factor in restoring and maintaining mental health enhances self-efficacy in the context of Return to Work.

4. TAiCBT provides valuable information to support RTW planning

The TAiCBT therapist will work with a client to develop a RTW plan using S.M.A.R.T. goal setting. Clients are empowered to take responsibility to communicate with each stakeholder –insurance company, healthcare professional, union, employer, and TAiCBT – and understand how to enhance coordination for their successful return.

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