The Puzzle of Poor Workplace Health & Wellness: Why aren’t employees engaging with your programs?

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Employee wellness has taken top priority as stressors like inflation, layoffs and never-ending viruses are all leading to increased stress in the workplace.

All HR needs to do is implement wellness initiatives and provide these resources to employees, right? Not so fast.

Employers have continued to make significant investments in workforce wellness benefits and programs, yet there is a disconnect in the employee’s view. A recent Gallup Poll found fewer than one in four employees feel strongly that their organization cares about their well-being—the lowest percentage in nearly a decade.

Even with a solid wellness program in place, employees aren’t always using wellness benefits when they truly need them. If employees aren’t utilizing the resources they need, how can HR help to push them in the right direction without overstepping boundaries?

It starts with understanding their perceptions, developing inclusive programs and then radically changing how you are communicating them.

Watch this session to learn about:

  • The CloudMD 2023 Canadian Employee Survey on perceptions of workplace health & wellness programs
  • The 8 essential elements of a wellness program that your employees will actually use (and love)
  • How to create the right communication & awareness strategy for your program to succeed and get results
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MEET YOUR HOST: Melissa Alvares, SVP of Marketing & Growth at CloudMD

Melissa has over 20 years of experience leading all aspects of marketing including revenue generation, product marketing, brand, marketing technology and operations.

She has dedicated her career to working for purpose-driven companies, helping to shape culture, corporate give back and sustainability strategies at both start-ups and large enterprises.

As a seasoned leader, Melissa has held marketing leadership roles in both the technology and healthcare and has been named to CDN’s Top 25 Women in IT.

She is also a sought after speaker on the topic of growth marketing. 

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