Desjardins reduces absence duration for short-term disability cases by 50% through digital mental health therapy solution FR

CloudMD’s Internet-Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (iCBT) proves to be successful in Return-to-Work treatment





Organization Details

Largest financial institution with the largest regional presence in Quebec and well established in Ontario
Only financial institution established in 141 towns and villages
Pioneer and leader in online and mobile banking services in Quebec
7.5 million members and clients
53,000+ employees

Services Utilized

Return-to-Work focused iCBT
The return-to-work focused iCBT program includes content and a dedicated network of trained therapists with return-to-work experience and expertise. The program offers treatment for many different mental health conditions and offers up to 12 weeks of support, guided by an accredited therapist.

For many, the pandemic exacerbated mental health challenges and created a greater sense of urgency to treat conditions like anxiety and depression.

To dig deeper into the state of mental health, Desjardins sponsored a survey showcasing 36 per cent of respondents reporting increased rates of anxiety or sadness/depression, while others said they were exercising less, gaining weight, eating poorly, drinking more alcohol and experiencing sleep issues.


The perfect mental health storm created by the impact of the pandemic resulted in many members that Desjardins served choosing to go on leave due to mental health conditions.

That’s when Desjardins sought out a provider to offer a solution and help reduce members’ symptoms, improve their overall health and get them back to work.


Desjardins came across CloudMD’s Return-to-Work program, focused on digitally-delivered Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

The program worked to offer members an option to connect with a therapist on their own time, off a digital device and from the comfort of their own homes. Members where guided through evidence-based programs designed to improve their mental conditions and build resilience so they could bounce back from the hardships they endured. iCBT also helped members get to the root of their challenges and offered customized, structured solutions to help prevent conditions from developing in the future.

Because the program was accessible digitally, Desjardins was able to increase its reach and support those living in remote locations across Canada. Further, CloudMD’s roster of therapists included culturally-trained individuals who were able to treat those struggling with culturally-specific challenges among others, offering inclusive therapy for members, no matter their ethnic backgrounds, gender, sexual orientations and more.


Through iCBT, members were able to get back to optimal functioning and feel like their best selves. 


  • Desjardins was able to reduce the absence duration of short-term disability cases by 50%
  • 91% of members that completed the program successfully returned to work
  • Significant symptom reduction and improvement of mental health seen across members